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Scale 1/72 Home Page

This ongoing site displays many of the 1/72 scale models built by

Paul C. Gaertner III 

Please click on the buttons above to see images of these aircraft, armored fighting vehicle, ship and missile models 

Some Notes About This Site

The model images on this site were photographed using either a Canon PowerShot G5 digital view camera or a Nikon D5100 digital single lens reflex camera, and 5500k fluorescent photo lights. Editing of the resulting images was done with Adobe PhotoShop 6.0, on a Dell Inspiron 531 Desktop, as displayed on a Dell flatscreen monitor. 

Color correction with the software on my computer was intended to approach matching the colors on the website as displayed on my computer to the colors of the models at hand. Some variation in these colors as seen on other computers is inevitable, and could be quite different. Garish, even.

Text describing facts about the real machines has been attributed to the original source(s) wherever possible. Images not photographed by myself have been attributed to the original source(s) as well. All unattributed photos were taken by me.

Manufacturers' names are indicated by underlining. Since the models depicted on this site span some sixty years or more, some of these manufacturers are no longer in business, unfortunately.

I welcome all constructive comments and advice, and correction to errors in the factual descriptions. If you wish, contact me at   


Scale 1/72

Email: AtomicCannon(at)embarqmail(dot)com