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Order PDF drawings of the Atomic Cannon

ANNOUNCEMENT: DRAGON Models of China has released an all new-tool 1/72 scale plastic model assembly kit of the Atomic Cannon, the first new kit of the Atomic Cannon in fifty years. You can order a 1/72 scale PDF of my AutoCAD drawing of the Atomic Cannon by clicking on the "Add To Cart" button, below.

Trumpeter/ I (Heart) Kits has produced a 1/35 scale kit of the Atomic Cannon. I bought one, and it is magnificent! You can order 1/35 scale drawings below, as well.

In September of 2011, Revell Plastic Model Corporation re-released the Renwal 1/32 Atomic Cannon model, in the original packaging, as part of Revell's "Special Subjects Program". The kit is still available on eBay, at online hobby stores such as Tower Hobbies and FreeTime Hobbies, and perhaps even your local Hobby Shop. Get your super-detailing 1/32 scale drawings for this kit, below.

And now, back to our originally scheduled broadcast... 

My original AutoCAD drawings illustrate the left side, right side, front, rear, and top of the M-249 Front Truck, the M-250 Rear Truck, and the T-72 Gun, in both the traveling mode and the emplaced mode.

You can order PDFs (a printable electronic copy) of my Atomic Cannon drawings, in a variety of scales, by following the directions below:

1. Select the scale of the drawing PDF(s) you want to receive, from the list below, using the "Add to Cart" buttons. Smaller scale drawings fit on one PDF; larger scale drawings fit on two PDFs.

2. One complete set of PDF drawings costs $9.95, regardless of whether the set includes one or two PDFs.  If you want to order different scale sets of the PDF(s), just click "Continue shopping" in PayPal and then click on the next "Add to Cart" button you want.

4. When I receive your payment from PayPal, I will email you the PDF(s) you ordered. The use of PayPal is free to the buyer. Your purchase is protected by PayPal.

5. You can give the PDF(s), on disk or by email, to any large-document print shop, such as Kinko's, and have the drawings printed on paper.

6. There are no shipping or handling charges. There are also no refunds, but I will do everything within my power to resolve any problem, to your satisfaction.

If you have any questions, please email me at:


Please see the drawing samples, below. If you wish to see a free, printable sample in PDF form, email me, and I'll reply-email you a sample PDF.

Please respect the copyright on the drawings. The PDF(s) you receive, and the print you make from it, are for your personal use only, and are not to be mass-produced. Thank you.  

Sample drawings

           The resolution of the PDFs is much higher than the resolution of these web page images. Email me at atomiccannon(at)embarqmail(dot)com for a free, printable 8.5 x 11 PDF sample, if you wish.

PDF Drawing Sets by scale

Select the PDF(s) you want to order from this list:

NEW! 1/24 scale: By special request. Drawings on two PDFs.
A. 1/35 scale: The scale of the Trumpeter / I (Heart) Kits model. Drawings on two PDFs.
B. 1/32 scale: The scale of the Renwal/Revell plastic model. Two PDFs.
C. 1/48 scale: A popular model building scale. Two PDFs.
D. 1/40 scale: The scale of the SNAP/Adams/Life-Like plastic model. Two PDFs.
E. 1/72 scale: The scale of the new DRAGON kit. The scale of my scratch-built model, too. One PDF.
F. 1/76 scale: UK 00 gauge train scale. One PDF.
G. 1/87 scale: HO gauge train scale. One PDF.
Scratch-built 1/72 scale M-65 Atomic Cannon

Scale 1/72

Email: AtomicCannon(at)embarqmail(dot)com